Timaya and King Perryy Covers Vibe.ng Magazine

Stylish Pictures of Timaya and King Perryy As They Cover Vibe.ng Magazine

In a unique interview with Vibe.ng magazine Timaya talks about his career in music, the meaning of “Ah Blem Blem” and his future projects as he covers Vibe.ng magazine alongside rising star King Perryy.

According to Timaya, he and Perryy share almost the same drive. He tells Vibe.ng that he saw the same spark and zeal he had when he was younger in King Perryy eyes and that’s what caught his attention and interest in the rising star. In the interview, King Perry who is signed under Timaya’s record label (DM records), tells Vibe.ng why he admires Timaya’s artistry and consistency so far and how he plans to follow suit.

Timaya also confirms to Vibe.ng he truly sold plantain as claimed in his 2009 smash single. He also talks about how he grabbed the bull by the horn and started his own record label – DM records. The pop star talked about his sacrifices in building his music, the ability of him being a single parent and also a musician, his style and fashion, the lady in his life and his marriage plans, and why he may go into politics.

The “Ah Blem Blem” master from his interview with Vibe.ng shows he is a much disciplined, encouraging man and father. When asked if he would support his daughter if she wanted to venture into music in the future, he said:

“If today (my daughter) tells me, ‘daddy I want to be a stripper’, that’s her life. I brought her into this world. I just need to make her understand what is good and bad, what is right and wrong.”

The entire interview consists of takeaway points given by Timaya regarding how he strives till date. Truly, both Timaya and King Perryy are men on duty.

Find the full story and interview, snazzy pictures of the duo, and other juicy stories and articles in our July/August feature, “Men on Duty,” on http://www.vibe.ng/timaya-and-king-perryy-are-the-men-on-duty/

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