This Is The President Of Switzerland Alain Berset Humbly Reading His Notes On The Pavement Outside The #UnitedNations HQ

A photo of the Swiss President sitting on a pavement in New York during the UNGA general assembly has excited netizens.

President Alain Berset excited Kenyans in June he tweeted in Kiswahili to announce his trip to the country.

Social media users lauded his humble way of leadership, saying it is not about red carpets and motorcades.

During last week’s General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, Swiss President Alain Berset decided to cool his well-maintained heels and take a curbside seat. The sight of an important man sitting on the ground grabbed the attention of the social media world – especially in Africa.

One IG User used the example to criticize the Ugandan president:

This kind of mentality of entitlement to comfort is largely responsible for why African leaders keep their citizens poor. President Museveni of Uganda blocked traffic in a busy highway to take a phone call.

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