Rapist who got girlfriend’s 10 year-old daughter pregnant jailed for 160 years

A pedophile who repeatedly raped his girlfriend’s 10 year-old daughter and left the child pregnant has been jailed for 160 years.

Nicholas Deon Thrash was ordered serve at least 132 years behind bars Thursday after he was convicted of raping the child at least 15 times, beginning when she was just eight years old.

The pedophile, of Marion, Ind., maintained his innocence throughout his trial but was found guilty by jurors last month.

He claimed his girlfriend’s mother had impregnated her own daughter with his sperm, according to the Chronicle Tribune.

Nicholas Deon Thrash will serve at least 132 years of his 160 year sentence for raping his girlfriend’s 10 year-old daughter and getting her pregnant (Picture: Grant County Jail)


The mother – who has not been named, to protect her daughter’s identity – is now facing separate charges over allegations that she told the little girl to lie about who had gotten her pregnant.

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