Man gets stingray hooked onto his genitals while swimming in the sea

An unfortunate beachgoer in China was left writhing in agony after a stingray hooked onto his genitals.

He was seen rolling around on the beach in Sanya, in South China’s Hainan province, after his gentials were jabbed by the animal’s barbed tail.

The unnamed man was enjoying a sunny day on the beach when he decided to take a quick dip in the ocean on September 1.


But before long, he reportedly ran back onto the sand crying in pain after the tail somehow found its way into his swimming shorts.

A video, which has racked up more than five million views, shows the man lying prone in the sand clearly in agony.

The stingray, whose exact species has not been reported, can be seen lying nearby as others, including police, gather around to assess the situation.

A fireman had to cut off the ray’s stinger to help the man as he lay on the beach (Picture: AsiaWire)


A member of the Sanya fire service said he and his colleagues did not have the proper equipment to remove and unhook the spiny tail from the man’s private parts.

‘On the paramedic’s advice, we cut off the barbs with our tools,’ the fireman said. Exact details of any injuries the man may have suffered have not been reported.

The unfortunate tourist is said to have been able to stand immediately afterwards but soon followed the paramedics to hospital for a checkup.

It is unclear whether the man was ever at risk of venom exposure, while the ray is thought to have died on the beach, witnesses said.



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