Donald Trump’s new ‘Beast’ limo is seen for the first time in New York

Donald Trump’s new ‘Beast’ limousine has been see for the first time during the president’s trip to New York.

The custom-made Cadillac was snapped at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport Sunday and replaces the old Beast, which was brought into service for Barack Obama in 2009.

Its security features are classified, but the $1.5million car is said to be able to withstand a gun or bomb attack, and have built-in tear-gas launchers to help disperse anyone intent on ambushing it.

Donald Trump’s brand new Beast limo was seen at Downtown Manhattan Heliport for the first time Sunday (Picture: Instagram/mnmsocialmedia)
The $1.5million car has a host of heavily classified features which are rumored to make it immune to the effects of a gun ambush, bomb blast, or chemical weapons attack (Picture: Instagram/mnmsocialmedia)


The Beast also reportedly has its own oxygen supply to keep the president safe in the event of a chemical or biological attack, as well as a supply of Trump’s blood type should he be injured.

Although the car resembles a boxier version of the Cadillac CTS sedan, it is actually built on a larger truck base required to house its many additional features.

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